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How to get featured in Video Star

Everyday we are asked the same question: How do I get my video featured on Instagram, Video Star, VS Insider, or in the User Tutorials in the app? There is no short answer to this question. Here is how we select videos to feature, and answer some related common questions.
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How We Select Videos to Feature

We feature videos in Video Star to show off the best videos that we find. Ones that make us laugh, cry, smile, amaze us, or teach us new things. There are thousands of new ones every day. We are unable to review all of them, but we watch as many as we can.

For Instagram Featured Video Posts

Tag your video #videostarapp. Also tag it #videostaredit if you’re a fan editor

For Instagram Stories

Add @videostarapp to your Instagram Stories

For Featured Videos in Video Star

For videos you post to YouTube, turn on the switch on the YouTube upload screen marked “Send for Review.”
For Instagram videos, tag your videos #videostarapp.
For TikTok videos, tag your videos #videostar

Instagram Fan Edit Challenges

Every week we have a Challenge with a different theme. We announce the Challenge theme on Fridays on Instagram, VS Insider, and Facebook. The winning videos get featured on Wednesdays on Instagram and Video Star Insider.

User Tutorials

We add a few new user tutorials to the “User Tutorials” section of the app every Tuesday. We like it better when there is only one effect in a tutorial instead of a few different effects described in one tutorial. We are also looking for short tutorials, no longer than 5 minutes. Also don’t speed it up to much - people won’t be able to follow it!
To submit a tutorial for review, tap the ❓ and send us the link through the support tab. For Instagram users, please also tag your video #videostartutorial

Reason a Video Can't Be Featured

Tips for Making Great Video Star Videos

So how do you make a great Video Star video that we will want to feature? Here are some suggestions:
It is also true that when we release a new version of Video Star that we are looking for videos that show off the new features and effects. And we are always looking for great videos that use that week’s featured song. Now, you certainly don’t have to use any special effects or use the featured song. A great video is a great video. But we want you to be aware of these factors as well.

A Final Word

Finally, regardless of whether one of your videos is ever featured in Video Star or not, we hope you enjoy making your own music videos and sharing them with your friends and family. There are so many talented, creative people using Video Star every day, and we are thrilled to help make that happen.