Video Star and VideoFX Live are designed to help you make great videos quickly, but did you know you can also use them to create amazing photos? In fact, you can create photos using the same awesome effects you use in your videos, and share them easily to your camera roll and favorite social networks. In this article, we’ll walk through setting up, taking, and sharing QuickSnap photos.

Step 1: Identify the subject of your photo. For this tutorial, I decided to fly to London and take a picture of this busy street.*

Busy London Street

Step 2: Pick an effect by tapping on the effect scroller at the bottom of the screen. You can use any effects you want. In this case, I randomly picked the good old “TV” effect. You’re probably more creative than me, so you’ll pick something cooler.

Everything’s better when it’s on TV.

Step 3: Snap the picture. Just tap the button that looks like this:   A new window will pop up, showing you the photo that’s just been snapped, and inviting you to save, share it or Set Thumb. It’s important to note that if you close this window without saving it to the camera roll or sharing it elsewhere, it won’t be saved!

You’ve done it! You have taken a QuickSnap picture!

Step 4: Next, you can tap the “Always save to Camera Roll” button so the pictures will automatically be saved to the device’s Camera Roll anytime you tap the Camera button, where it will be placed with other photos and videos you’ve taken with the Camera app or other photo apps. If you tap the Share button, you can share it to other places like Instagram or Messages. When you are done it will return you back to this screen so it’s easy to share in more than one place (for example, Camera Roll and Facebook). Tapping Set Thumb will set the image as the thumbnail for the current Video Star project.

Sharing Options.

Step 5: You can view photos saved to Camera Roll using the Photos or Camera apps that are built into iOS.

Camera:Photo Icons

* OK, OK, I didn’t really fly to London. I just propped up a picture of London and took a photo of it.


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