The basic sequence is:

1. Record additional clips for a scene. From the Record screen:

  • Go to the Edit Screen by tapping the X.
  • Use the arrows to find the scene where you want to mix clips.
  • Tap “New” followed by “Record Video”.
  • Record the new scene using whichever effects you want.

Instead of hitting Record, you could import new clips or paste into the scene.

You can do this over and over to create as many clips you want for a scene. “Record Video” ensures that they will have the same start time and length as your original scene.

2. Mix the clips

  • From the Review and Edit screen, tap “New” and then “Mix Clips”.
  • Find the multi-clip template along the bottom that you want to use and tap it.
  • Tap the numbers on the larger template above (“1″, “2”, etc) and pick a clip for each one
  • You can tap the play button to get an idea of what the final mix will look like.
  • You can resize and move the clips within the template by clicking the button with two arrows (on iPhone/iPod touch), and then pinching, zooming, and moving them with a finger.
  • Once you’ve got the clips the way you want them, tap “Mix Clips” and Video Star will create a new clip containing your mix, and select it as the active clip for the video.

3. Advanced Clip Mixer

  • Tap on this ClipMixerAdvIcon button to get to the Advanced Clip Mixing options.
  • Tap on the upArrowIcon to choose the different layouts.
  • To turn on and off the different clips, tap on the number buttons.
  • Tapping on this clipMixerUndoIcon will get rid of the last marker.
  • Tapping on this clipMixerClearIcon will remove all markers.
Check out the Using The Clip Mixer Tutorial to learn how to use it.

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