VideoStarIconYou have the best video app in the universe, make videos around the clock, barely getting any sleep, but are having such a blast that it hardly matters. And then late one evening, your eyes a bit blurry from all of the dancing and jump cuts, you go to upload your masterpiece to YouTube and … it fails.

OMG, now what???

You could go to the app store and leave a review, pleading for help, but you have a sneaking suspicion that no one can answer app reviews (and you are right). You message your friends but they all say “works for me, lol”. Maybe you remember that we have an awesome support team and email us for help.

Is your music video career over before it really kicked into high gear? Are your subscribers going to start abandoning you in droves? Does this mean you’re going to have to do your homework?

Before you delete the app, re-download it, and lose all of your precious work, let’s take a step back and review the situation.

There’s Never Enough

When you got your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch you probably didn’t think much about its numbers and stats. You just wanted to have some fun with it. Yet buried somewhere in all of those tech specs was a VERY important number for your music video career: storage space. Gigabytes (GB). Gigabytes are your friend. They give you room to play. They are used to store your apps, photos, music, and most importantly your music videos. iOS devices are purchased with 8, 16, 32, or 64 GB of storage space. Once you buy one there’s no way to add more.

Here’s a quick picture illustrating how to find out how much storage space you have used and how much of it is still available.
Storage blog ios8-5
That last screen can take a while to create the list of apps, especially if you have a bunch, but then you’ll be able to see how much storage space each app is using. You might see that some apps you don’t use are eating up a lot of space. Being that this iPhone only has 70.3 Megabytes (MB, not GB) available it would be a great time to delete something. You can also see that Video Star is using a whopping 545 MB of space.

How much space does a video use?

Resolution Length Space
360p 1 min. 41mb
720p 1 min. 88mb
1080p 1 min. 133mb

We’ve seen reviews on the app store of people making six videos the very first day they get the app, which could use as much as 1 GB depending on the length of the videos.

A week of doing that and pretty soon your 8 GB iPod touch is running short on space … a sad situation for any aspiring video star!

In Video Star we’ve made it easy to copy projects from your device to your computer. This lets you back them up and free up space for new videos. To learn more check out this blog post.
Not Enough Space
To free up space you face a hard choice. Do you:

  1. delete old videos (*sniff*)
  2. delete apps you aren’t using
  3. delete music you don’t listen to (Xmas songs anyone?)
  4. delete movies and TV episodes you’ve already watched (these take a LOT of space)
  5. BEG for a new iPhone/iPad/iPod touch with 64 GB!
  6. Or transfer your projects to your computer.

If you are sending videos to YouTube or the Camera Roll, there’s something else to consider when freeing up space. To do these operations Video Star needs to make temporary copies of your video. If you have a 3 minute, 130 MB video you will need to have more than 130 MB available on your device to send it to YouTube. (This temporary copy gets deleted afterwards after your YouTube post.) If you send to the Camera Roll it is even worse! There’s a temporary copy of the video AND the new video being stored in the Camera Roll, so for a short time you’ll need more than 260MB of available space, and only 130 MB of that will be freed up since the copy of the video on the Camera Roll stays on your device until it is deleted.

OK, so this might sound like work and numbers, but trust us … managing the space on your iOS device is still easier and more fun than doing homework. :-)

Check out the How to Free Up Space Tutorial to learn how to use it.

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