You finally upgraded to a new iOS device: it’s faster, has more memory, and it just looks cool.

Woo hoo, let’s crank out some videos baby!!!

“Er, wait a second,” you say after downloading and running Video Star, “where’s all of the effects I ALREADY PAID for?!”

You start reaching for the App Store to leave a nasty review, maybe haul out the Thesaurus to call us some really good, bad names. Or, maybe, you remember that never works and that we have an awesome support team and you email us instead.

But actually we can save you a bunch of time right now, by revealing the secret incantation that enables Past Purchases!

Read on… if you dare!

When you first fire up Video Star on a new device some of the controls are hidden, so as not to be too confusing for new users. Things like the scissors. No problem, just make a real quick recording and they all magically show up again.

To begin, go to Video Star’s main screen and tap on the lighting bolt.
At the top of the screen you’ll see “Restore”. Lightingbolt

Tap that and Apple will popup a dialog asking for your iTunes account login. Make sure you enter the exact same account you used to buy the effects on your other device. After a bit of whirring and spinning and app store magic all of your past purchases are restored and you can get back to the work you love the most: making music videos!

A couple of little-known facts about the App Store:

  • apps you purchase can be used on ALL of the devices you own (with same iTunes ID), you only have to pay for them once
  • same goes for in-app  purchases like Video Star effects, you only need to buy them once

Also if you’re apart of the iCloud Family Sharing, you will not be able to restore your purchases unless you are logged in with the same Apple ID as was used when you purchased the Power Pack. To learn more about what can be shared check out this link:

In fact if, instead of restoring your purchases, you were to try and BUY an effect you’d already bought before, Apple would come back after verifying your account and report that, hey, you already bought this, do you just want to download it again? Sweet!
Already purchased effects

If you are not sure what power packs you have purchased, you can always try to find the emailed receipt that Apple sends out after a purchase, (but who really keeps those) or you can go into your iTunes account and look at your purchase history. Here is how:

Open iTunes on a computer and click on the username.

Click Username

Click Username

After you have entered your username and password, scroll down and click on “See All” for the purchase history.

Find Purchase History

Find Purchase History

Now find your purchases, you can click on the arrow to see more details.

For more info, click on the arrow.

For more info, click on the arrow.

Enjoy! And remember, we have an awesome support team. Email us when you have questions or problems.


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